How-To Create and Serve Native Ads

This How-To Guide walks you through the steps that you need to follow when creating and serving native ads into your app.

If you are new to Flurry from Yahoo, you’ll need to begin by creating a company account, followed by creating an app.

Create a Company Account

Simply register your company to have a company account with Flurry. Your company account enables you to manage and track multiple applications.

  1. Visit Flurry Dev portal at

  2. If you’re new to Flurry, create an account.

  3. If you’re new to Flurry, create an app.

Create & Configure Native Ad Units

Now you’re ready to create and integrate your native ad units. Follow these steps:

  1. Create and configure native ad units.

  2. Follow integration instructions for iOS or integration instructions for Android.

  3. Observe the ad serving reports.