Create an App


You need to have the administrator role on your company’s account to be able to create a new app within the company.

To add a new app to be tracked through Flurry, follow these steps:

  1. Log into

  2. Select Admin wrench icon on the left hand navigation and then Apps in the side navigation to view a list of your existing apps tracked by Flurry

  1. Select the New App link in the upper right corner to add a new app to the list.

  1. Select the type of platform your app is built on, either iPhone or Android.

  1. In the dialog, enter your application name and select the app category.


Follow the easy integration instructions and copy the sample code to add the Flurry dependencies to your app.

  1. Start Flurry from within your app with the generated API key for your project (pre-filled in the example below)

  1. Flurry App is created and ready to be integrated into your app