iOS Advertising Identifier (IDFA)

Apple requires me to answer questions about the reasons for collection of the Identifier for Advertisers. For what purpose does Flurry Analytics use the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA)?

Flurry only collects the IDFA if the AdSupport framework is included in your app. Flurry Analytics uses the IDFA to attribute app installation to a previously served advertisement in User Acquisition Analytics. We also use the IDFA to attribute an action taken within this app to a previously served advertisement. For example, it is possible to filter event occurrences by source of user acquisition. In order for these features to function properly, you must use the IDFA.

Apple requires me to verify that the app and any 3rd-party libraries respect the Limit Ad Tracking setting. Does Flurry respect this setting?

The Flurry SDK is compliant with Apple’s guidelines related to the Limit Ad Tracking setting.For the devices that limit the ad tracking, the ads served are not targeted to the device. This applies equally to full screen and native ads served through the Flurry SDK.