General Questions

Where’s my data? How often is data updated on the Flurry portal?

Flurry Analytics processes data throughout the day. If you just implemented Flurry Analytics you should expect to see data reporting to your project’s Real-Time data dashboard within a few minutes. From there, the remaining metrics and associated charts will subsequently be populated with this data. If data is still not populating in the Flurry portal, here are a few checks to ensure your integration is correct:

  • Ensure that you have included your app’s API key in your code

  • If you are running tests via an emulator, please ensure that the home button is pressed before closing the app

  • Check if there is any firewall / ad-blocker blocking connectivity to Flurry

Can I change the timezone of the Reports?

Yes, the timezone can be set on most of the dashboards, as well as in Explorer. The Real-Time Metrics dashboard defaults to your timezone, and the Reporting API has the timezone parameter you can set to the timezone of your choice.

How are sessions counted?

If the app pauses or moves to the background for more than 10 seconds, the next time the app runs, Flurry agent will automatically create a new session and end the previous session. Otherwise, Flurry agent will continue the same session. This can be updated via the setSessionContinueSeconds method. If the app is terminated, a new session will be created when the app runs again.

What happens with my data during maintenance?

We continue to collect data from mobile applications even during maintenance. If you are using Flurry Analytics to monitor your mobile applications you will not lose any data due to this maintenance period.

Is there a way to ignore “test” data or specific devices for analytics?

We currently do not have a way to “reset” data. You may want to try the following approach to prevent test data from appearing in your stats: create two projects (with two distinct API keys generated by Flurry), one for development/testing and one for consumers. When you are ready to send the application to the public, you can swap to the project key (API key) that points to the consumer project.

Another alternative is to set the custom time frame at the top right of the page in the analytics view of the application to start on the date the application is released. That way, no previous data from testing/development will show in this timeframe.

I have a universal iOS app. How should I integrate it with Flurry? Will I be able to track my iPad and iPhone users separately?

Please use the iOS SDK to track a universal iOS app. By default, data from your iPad and iPhone users will appear under one project in the Flurry portal using this method.

If you would like to track and understand usage of your iPhone and iPad users separately, the best practice is to create two separate projects in Flurry (one each for iPad and iPhone) and generate two API keys.

Next, integrate your app using the iOS SDK and use the two API keys in your app code using the logic below:

Can I track Events (e.g. pressing of a button) with Flurry Analytics if my app is a wrapper to my mobile website? The actions take place on the site server that the app is wrapping.

Yes, you can track these Events. If the action you want to track (e.g. button pressing) exists in the app code, then simply log an Event on the app side. If the button exists on the mobile webpage shown in a Web View, you will need to inject a Javascript function that will fire off an additional custom URL when the button is pressed. This URL will have a custom scheme, for example, “myapp://buttonclicked”. Then in the app code, you will need to capture that URL before your Web View fires it. When you see that the URL is your specified URL (“myapp://…”), you can log an Event on the app side.

There are several ways to capture the custom URL before it is loaded by the Web View. In iOS you would need to implement the

UIWebViewDelegate method webView:shouldStartLoadWithRequest:navigationType:.

On Android, you could implement a WebViewClient with the shouldOverrideUrlLoading method.

Are there any third-party plugins for Phonegap, Cordova or Unity 3D?

The following plugins are not maintained or supported by Yahoo and are used at your own risk. For plugin support please contact the maintainers directly.

I’ve looked through all the relevant areas of the Support Center and read the FAQ, but I still have questions.

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