What is the rate limit for the Flurry APIs?

The rate limit is 1 request per second.

How do I enable API access?

See APIs for a list of steps to follow.

Error received when invoking the API?

Some Reporting APIs require permission granted to invoke the API. If you receive this error when invoking the reporting API:

API CompanyDoesNotHaveFeaturePermission

Contact support@flurry.com and ask the permission be granted. Please provide the name of the API that needs the permission granted.

What formats are supported for the data returned by the APIs?

The Flurry RESTful APIs can return data in JSON or XML format. To retrieve data in your desired format, just set the accept header to application/json or application/xml.

I’ve looked through all the relevant areas of the Support Center and read the FAQ, but still have questions.

Our team is answering questions on Flurry Forums.