How to get ISO country code instead of country name

By default the Metrics API retruns the country|name if country is the requested dimension. If you are looking to get country ISO code add the following param to the query: ;show=iso,name



Maximum number of rows reached

Our API retruns max 50,000 rows in the response. If you receive this error:

{"status":500,"statusName":"Internal Server Error","reason":"Internal Server Error","description":"{\"error\":\"Maximum number of rows [50000] reached\"}"}

modify your query to request a smaller scope. For instance, select a smaller time range, or request data for one app at the time.

What is the rate limit for the Flurry APIs?

The rate limit is 1 request per second.

How do I enable API access?

You need to acquire the programatic token to enable the API access.

What formats are supported for the data returned by the APIs?

The Flurry RESTful APIs can return data in JSON or CSV format. To retrieve data in your desired format, just set the format parameter.

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