Flurry Remote Config Feature Rollout

Feature rollout setup should be used when you want to control app configuration for a target audience such that configuration is further sub-divided into users that have the new experiences and those that don’t. For example, enable a new feature to only 5% of US users.

  1. Go to Marketing > Remote Config > Feature Rollout option on Left Nav

  1. Click on New

  1. Name the rollout

  2. Define target audience

  3. Pick existing params and/ or enter new params to manage

  4. Click Continue

  1. Enter rollout details

  1. Edit distribution % for control vs Variants. percentages must add up to 100

  2. Enter values for each params in table

  3. Hit Launch button

  1. Summary View & Edit/ Management options after Launch


Reporting of Variants for Feature Rollout will be same as App Config Variants.