Flurry Remote Config Management

Remote Configuration UI

UI Concepts

Parameter Group is defined on Flurry Remote Config UI. It is a grouping of Parameters and Variants. This allows Parameters and Variants related to a specific app experience to be configured together on Remote Config UI. You can set up multiple parameter groups per app.

Parameter name (key) is defined on Flurry Remote Config UI. Parameter name is referenced in your app code to retrieve value provided by Flurry servers. You can have up to 300 Parameter names per app and each name can be 256 characters long.

Parameter value is the specific value that you want to remotely send down to the app at run time. Each Parameter name can take one or more Parameter values on Remote Config UI (see Variants). Parameter values can be 2048 characters long.

Variant is a combination of audience definition, values for each Parameter name in the Parameter Group and a Variant name to address this experience. Each Parameter Group can have up to 10 Variants.

Rank is assigned to Variants for each Parameter Group. Variant rank determines the priority order of Flurry servers to match incoming requests against Variants set up on the Flurry Remote Config UI. Each Parameter Group has its own rank order. First Variant (column 2) is rank 1, second column is rank 2 and so on. Put another way, in case a user/device matches multiple audience criteria for Variants, then the order in which you’ve ranked the Variants will determine which Parameter values are returned to that user/device.

Accessing Flurry Config on Flurry Portal

Use the left navigation bar to get to the Remote Config UI. We call this the Config Management dashboard. If you don’t see it for your account, please email support@flurry.com, and we can help.


Remote Config Setup

  1. Create a Parameter Group

  1. Add Variants

Click on “Add your first Variant!”


Setup target audience for this Variant. This can also be done during ‘Add Variant’ step

https://s.yimg.com/oo/cms/products/flurry-docs/zh_TW/_images/config_variant_edit_targeting_set_78a87ed4f.png https://s.yimg.com/oo/cms/products/flurry-docs/zh_TW/_images/config_targeting_set1_07e263c3a.png https://s.yimg.com/oo/cms/products/flurry-docs/zh_TW/_images/config_targeting_set2_dd3cfca74.png
  1. Adjust Variant Rank

    In the example below, we have two Variants targeted at different audiences:

    1. US users - targeting users from Country=United States

    2. US Pixel users - targeting users from Country=United States AND Device Model = Pixel V1, Pixel V2

https://s.yimg.com/oo/cms/products/flurry-docs/zh_TW/_images/config_edit_ranking_c8d56e003.png https://s.yimg.com/oo/cms/products/flurry-docs/zh_TW/_images/config_update_ranking1_f370f3280.png https://s.yimg.com/oo/cms/products/flurry-docs/zh_TW/_images/config_update_ranking2_b648ff8cf.png https://s.yimg.com/oo/cms/products/flurry-docs/zh_TW/_images/config_variant_post_ranking_87b9efaff.png
  1. Editing Parameter Group

    Following actions are supported once you enter: ‘Edit Parameter Group’:

    1. Edit values for Parameter group name, Parameter name, Parameter values, Variant name

    2. Add new Parameter names/ Variants

    3. Delete Parameter names (deletes all associated values; entire row)

    4. Delete Variants (deletes all associated values; entire column)

    Note: If you exit this mode without saving, then all changes are lost.

https://s.yimg.com/oo/cms/products/flurry-docs/zh_TW/_images/config_edit_param_group_373e09748.png https://s.yimg.com/oo/cms/products/flurry-docs/zh_TW/_images/config_edit_param_group2_4766f5440.png