Remote Config

Make app changes without shipping new releases.

Flurry Remote Config is the free service from Flurry that helps developers update app experience for users without requiring users to update to a new version of your app. Toggling app features, changing button colors, updating label text or even changing app navigation for users are just a few examples of app experiences you can manage using Remote Config. The experience can be controlled such that updates are seen by all users or specific segments of your user base.

Key Features

Config Management - Create and manage remote config setup for each app separately.

Targeting Users - define user segment criteria for targeting app configuration values.

Reporting - view key analytics metrics broken by config experienced by users. Ex. sessions, active devices and events.

Feature Rollout - for a segment of users, control app config values. Ex. enable new features only for 5% of US users.

Test Devices - register test devices to target specific config setup.

Get Started with Remote Config

On the App

  1. Identify app variables for experience you want to manage remotely.

  2. Enable Remote Config feature in Flurry SDK.

  3. Modify app code to check Flurry SDK for updated values for app variables from Flurry server.

Flurry Remote Config UI

  1. Configure Parameter names for each app variable to manage.

  2. Define target audiences for each app experience.

  3. For each Parameter name, enter Parameter values for each target audience.

Next Steps

Checkout our Remote Config sample apps as a reference implementation - iOS and Android.

For any questions, please email