Acquire the API access token

The token is associated with the company whose data you are looking to access through this API. The token grants the authorization to pull the data for that company. Steps to acquire the token:

  • Log into

  • Select the Admin (wrench icon) from the Left navigation bar

  • Select Users

  • Click on “+ Programmatic User”

admin programmatic user
  • Login with your Flurry account credentials (email address / password). You have to be the (Flurry) administrator of the company you are looking to generate the token for.

  • Create Programmatic User: The system suggests a programmatic account name that would be tied with the programmatic token for your company. You can accept the suggested account name (or provide another unique one) to create the programmatic user. Click Create Account to proceed.

create programmatic user
  • Receive the token code to access the API. Save the token, although you can refresh the token, there is no interface available to recall current token. (Keep this token secure. This token cannot be retrieved from Flurry systems.)

created programmatic token
  • Click on the Next button to declare the role for the programmatic user.

  • By default all features (Except GDPR Data Access Rights API) are enabled for programmatic API access using this token. Make changes, if needed. Save.

assign programmatic token