Reporting APIs

Flurry provides two main APIs that are designed to get the same data about your applications as the data reported on the Flurry Dev Portal

APIs What It Does
Analytics Reporting Used to consume Flurry Analytics metrics outside of Flurry Developer Portal for any of your apps over time.
Monetization Reporting Used to consume Yahoo data outside of Flurry Developer Portal for any of your apps over time.

These APIs enable you to export your data, based on standard formats such as CSV and JSON, allowing you to integrate it into web dashboards, data warehouses and any other system you might use for managing your business.

The Flurry API limits results returned per request to 50K rows. This helps keep reponse times for queries to couple of seconds. In case you run into row limits, easiest ways to limit results are:

  1. break query into shorter time intervals at a time
  2. add filters to specify dimension values that you are only interested in
  3. query metrics for few apps at a time

Rate limits are enforced based on a) number of queries issued within a period and b) cost/ complexity of queries. In case your queries are being rate limited, then response headers have additional data to help time subsequent requests.

Summary of changes between old vs new API:

Feature Old API New API
authorization API access code Programmatic Access Token
dimensions limited richer set
reporting time grains day, week, month hour, day, week, month, all *
response formats json, xml json, csv
access http https (only)
sort/filter functionality not available available
time zone support not available available
  • reporting time grains may differ for different reporting tables

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