Data Download

Flurry understands that there are many possible reasons that you might need to retrieve the data that your apps send to Flurry. The Raw Data Download service within Flurry supports the extraction of data on a periodic basis. You may want to use Data Download to:

  • Pull all data from Flurry into your internal reporting tools

  • See session level data for a specific day or dates

  • Debug data for specific events

  • Double-check your integration with Flurry

Flurry now offers two ways to get a download of your raw data:

The Data Download service is replacing Event Logs. The Data Download offers a much richer picture of your app data because it includes not just events but all session data, along with a richer set of metadata and output formats compared to Event Logs.

Data Download - Flurry Portal


To access Data Download in Flurry, look for the link in the Sessions section in Analytics. To initiate a new request, click the “+ New Request]” button.



You may submit a Data Download request for any time period in the last 2 years of up to 30 days.

When you submit your request, you may choose from three data formats:

  • CSV

  • JSON

  • XML

If you want to receive an e-mail when your request is complete, choose Email Notification - Enabled.



You may filter your data download buy app version and/or events.

  • To filter by App Version, select “Add FIlter.” Then select the versions you want data for.

  • To filter by Events, select “Add FIlter.” Then select the events you want included in the data download.


Once complete, you can download your data from the main Data Download screen. Most requests will complete in under ~10 minutes. You will see “Processing” in the Download Status column while your request is completing. Refresh the page periodically to check whether your download has completed.