Overview for Flurry Pulse

Flurry Pulse is a powerful new analytics product from Flurry that lets you send data that the Flurry SDK has already captured to your choice of partners.

Flurry Pulse is free at any scale.

Key Benefits

Some of the key benefits of Flurry Pulse include:

  • Saves you the time and expense over the lifecycle of your app because you don’t have to integrate with other partners’ SDKs.

  • Reduces the size of your app, enabling it to run faster and reducing the strain on battery life, CPU access and memory.

  • Increases the stability of your app because you don’t have to manage multiple SDKs running with your own app, or test and manage all combinations of other partners’ SDKs.

  • You don’t need to re-submit your app each time for approval when you decide to start or stop sending data to partners. You can simply turn on/off that capability in the UI.

  • Send data to partners securely and at scale.


Using Flurry Pulse, you’ll be able to work with a fully-tested Flurry SDK for optimal performance of your app, with greater stability and fewer lines of code to execute.

To get started, follow the steps described in the Get Started With Flurry Pulse section.

You’ll find Pulse on the Pulse tab in the Flurry Developer landing page.

pulse tab

Learn More

For more detailed information about Flurry Pulse, refer to Pulse FAQs.