Get Started with Flurry Pulse

To get started, you’ll need to be a registered Flurry developer who has downloaded and integrated the Flurry SDK into your app.


  • You’ve already performed an integration, either iOS or Android, with the Flurry SDK. On iOS, your app needs to instrument SDK version 7.2.0 or greater. On Android, your app needs to instrument SDK version 6.1.0 or greater.

  • You have an active relationship with comScore and accepted their Terms of Agreement for measurement. comScore is currently the only partner in place for Flurry Pulse (with other partners soon to come).


For iOS apps, please note that using Flurry SDK 7.2.0 requires you to use Xcode 7.

Steps To Get Started

Your app should be on a Pulse-enabled SDK version, as described above in Prerequisites. You need to enable the Pulse product in your Flurry SDK instrumentation, either for your iOS or Android app, as described in the steps below.

  1. For iOS apps, enable Pulse by setting the following method before you call start Session:

[Flurry setPulseEnabled:YES];
  1. For Android apps, use the setPulseEnabled method to enable Flurry Pulse before initialization:


Follow these steps to get started from the Pulse UI:

  1. Once you’re on the Pulse Summary page, click the Add Rule button. This takes you to the Create Rule page.

add rule
  1. Select the app for which you want to share data.

The dropdown lists your app names as you’ve set them up within Flurry.

name rule
  1. Select when the data should be shared with partners.

Your options are: Install, App Start, App Close or Events (as instrumented with the Flurry Analytics SDK in your app).

  1. Give this new Pulse rule a name and select app versions.

session notification rule


We recommend that you leave the Automatically add future versions toggle on. This will save you the hassle of updating the Pulse rule when you release new versions of your app.

  1. Now that you’ve identified the “when” logic of Pulse rule, select the partners that you want to share the data with.

We’ve pre-integrated partners that are available. Each partner requires some developer-identifying information – for example, the partner API key for the app. Check the partner specific pages for detailed instructions.

  1. Add up to a total of 5 partners per Pulse rule and click the Save and Enable button to complete this rule.


You can always view all the Pulse rules on the Pulse Summary page and delete them if the rules are no longer required.

  1. Enter your specific comScore client ID and Publisher hash secret code. You can now enter the app name(s) as it appears in the iTunes app store or Google Play store. Note that this is not the package name or the bundle ID.

enter client id and publisher

Note that if you don’t already have these values, you need to go to Signing up is free and lets you see the data flowing into the comScore systems.


Flurry takes no ownership of your data or provides any guarantees on how it is used. The terms under which your partners can use your data are those specified between you and your partners.

Learn More

For more detailed information about Flurry Pulse, refer to Pulse FAQs.