FAQs for Flurry Pulse

The Flurry support team is there to help you in every way possible with your development and programming efforts, working with the Developer Preview Release of Pulse. Toward that end, the FAQs are intended to address any issues and concerns you may have.

On which platforms is Pulse available?

iOS and Android.

Do I need a new Flurry SDK version for Pulse?

Yes. On iOS, your app needs to instrument SDK ver 7.2.0 or greater. On Android, your app needs to instrument SDK ver 6.1.0 or greater.

To which partners can I send data?

At this time comScore is the only integrated partner. We’ll be adding more partners soon!

Do I need to resubmit the app when I make changes to Pulse settings for my app?

No. This is one of the biggest advantages of Pulse. If you make changes to your app’s Pulse settings, these settings will take effect without requiring an app update. The only exception occurs when we add more functionality to Pulse, which will require an SDK update.

If my company has access to Pulse, does that mean data is automatically sent to integrated partners?

No. By default no data is sent to any partner. Unless you select partner(s) on Pulse UI and enable data sharing, partners will receive no data.

The following are comScore-specific Pulse questions.

What data is sent to comScore?

The data sent to comScore includes the following:

  • comScore client id

  • app bundle id/ package name

  • app version, os type, os version, device model

  • device ids (hashed with comScore publisher secret)

  • the duration for which app is used

When is data sent to comScore?

The Flurry SDK sends session usage data to comScore at the end of the session. If the device is offline, send fails or the SDK is unable to send it, the SDK will attempt to send it when the app is used next time.

How do I verify that Pulse is sending data to comScore?

comScore Direct displays a high-level summary of data that comScore has received for each of your apps.

What if I have other questions about Flurry Pulse?

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