Flurry Privacy Dashboard

(updated: December 2, 2019)

With Flurry Analytics in the role of Processor with regards to the data covered by CCPA, it is your responsibility to respond to Data Requests from your users. At Flurry, we realize that this may present a challenge for some developers. This is why we have worked with our parent company Yahoo to enable a service that provides a site where your users can exercise all their Data Requests.

SDK Integration

The use of the Flurry Privacy Dashboard for CCPA requires the following minimum SDK versions:

Privacy Dashboard

The functionality of the Flurry Privacy Dashboard is based on the same functionality used for the apps owned by the Flurry parent company, Yahoo. The UI will allow your end users to exercise all Data Requests on the app. In addition, it will be backed by the Yahoo Customer Support Team so that questions will be answered by support agents that understand the structure of the site and CCPA.

Please note: Data displayed on the Privacy Dashboard accessed through the SDK methods will display data only for the app from which the request came.

Flurry Data Only

This service will cover the execution of Data Requests for the data that is sent by your app to Flurry using the Flurry SDKs. The service cannot provide any coverage of any CCPA requirements outside of this.