User Acquisition

Flurry User Acquisition Analytics (UAA) - (a.k.a Attribution) allows you to monitor your user acquisition efforts and measure the impact of specific campaigns or channels on your user base, and therefore your business.

Creating Campaigns

To create a campaign, select Attribution tab on the top navigation pannel, and select Summary from the left hand navigation. Click the Create Campaign link in the main section. This will bring you to a page where you configure the campaign by selecting the Channel, App and other key aspects of the campaign. At the end of the campaign setup process, you are given a Campaign URL. This URL is what you place into the campaign you want to track.

When creating a campaign, if the channel you select is an ad network with which Flurry has done a formal integration, a checkbox appears under the channel selector. Checking this box results in callbacks being sent back to the ad network when an install is attributed to a click from that network.


The Performance page allows you to review metrics for your Campaigns and Channels over time. You can change between viewing at the Campaign or Channel level using the dropdown at the top left of the table. The cog found at the end of each row allows you to take actions such as Edit, Archive and Delete.

When you archive a Campaign, it is removed from the default view, but it is retained for future review. To see Archived Campaigns, use the view change dropdown and check the Show Archived option.

Quality Metrics

Currently, there are 4 quality metrics available for each campaign. The first is Custom Quality, which is setup at time of campaign creation. The other three are Multi-Session Users, 2-Day Retained Users and 7-Day Retained Users. These “standard” quality metrics leverage the Lifecycle Rolling Retention analysis and require no setup to make available.

You can set up the Custom Quality metric to link to any segment or funnel that you have set up in Flurry Analytics for the application. For example, if you have a segment called “Purchasers” that users must make a purchase in your app to quality for, you can set this as your Custom Quality metric and Flurry will tell you how many users acquired in a campaign ultimately join that group.

Segmenting Analytics Metrics

The All Users dropdown menu item on the top right of the page in other parts of Flurry Analytics allows you to filter the active metric by either a selected Campaign or Channel, in addition to any Custom Segments that you may have created. This is a powerful way to monitor the long term impact of your user acquisition activities.


If you have other questions, check the FAQ for UAA.