Real-Time Metrics

Real-time metrics is a Flurry analytics tool that provides you with real-time data on how your app may be impacted by user updates, user acquisitions, or enhancements. The tool is powerful yet easy to use.

You can view real-time metrics for up to 5 of your apps. Sessions are displayed by the minute and hour, and active devices are displayed by the hour. The metrics are updated every 15 seconds.

The feature set of real-time metrics is described in the following section.

Show and Hide Details

Click a report on the dashboard to show more details.

real time dashboard

Click the report close button to hide the details.

hide details

Get Metrics on a Predefined App Group

You can view metrics for all apps, or just Android or iOS apps by selecting a predefined app group from the dropdown list on the left.

select predefined app group

Select Your Own App Group (Up to 5 Apps)

Add and remove up to 5 apps to get real-time metrics about those apps.

real time selector

Add an App to the Selector

To add an app to the selector, click in a blank rectangle. You can then select an app from the list, or start typing the name of an app you want to search for.

add app

Remove an App from the Selector

To remove an app from the selector, click its close box.

remove app

Deselect or Select an App in the Selector

Deselect an app if you want to keep it in the selector, but you do not want to report on its metrics. When you deselect an app, it turns white.

deselect app

Select the app again to report on its metrics.

select app.png

To report on one app at a time, deselect all the apps except the one you want to report on.

select only one app

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