Page Views

Page views in Flurry are tracked by Custom Events.

You can tag a Custom Event for every screen in your app and track the number of visits and unique visitors, among other metrics.

To learn how you can track page views via Custom Events, refer to Custom Events iOS or Custom Events Android.

Those links provide more details and best practices on measuring this behavior in Flurry.

Additional Page View Metrics

Flurry also offers an additional “Page Views” metric under Usage/App Activity dashboard. You must specifically implement this tracking metric; it is not enabled automatically. You must define what constitutes a page view by adding the appropriate points to track them.

If you have implemented Flurry to measure page views in this way, the Page Views section of your Flurry Analytics portal will provide the following metrics for your app:

  • Frequency distribution of page views per session

  • Total page views over time

  • Average page views per session

Note that these metrics are provided in aggregate and are not specific to a particular screen in your application. For this reason, Flurry recommends you set up Events if you are interested in understanding more about how users are engaging with the different parts of your app.