Language Metrics

Under the Audience / Overview tab in analytics for your apps, you’ll find Language Metrics. This view shows you a breakdown of the preferred language of your users.

These metrics can be invaluable in planning your internationalization strategy. Translating your app into other languages (internationalization) can be an expensive undertaking so prioritizing the most popular languages is important. Language Metrics provide you a simple way to identify the most popular languages and regions so you can make sure to translate into those languages first.

Where does the data come from? Smartphones allow users to specify their preferred language (also known as their locale) when they set up their device and apps that support internationalization can use it to customize their interface for these users. For example, an application that supports internationalization might appear in English to a user in the United States but in French to a user in France. Even if your application doesn’t support the preferred language of the user this preference information is still provided by the phone and collected by the Flurry SDK.

To browse your Language Metrics, simply select one of your apps and navigate to the Audience / Overview tab and see Top Languages chart. You will see a summary view of the top languages preferred by your users, with the option to view popularity by a number of metrics (New Devices, Sessions, Active Devices).