Geographic Usage

Geographic data provides you with important insights on the location of your users, their geographic distribution and session usage.

It allows you to understand where your users are, so you can make more informed decisions. For example, if a significant majority of your userbase is located in China, you might consider ways to localize your app to cater to their interests. Geographic information can also help you with location-based advertising and regional marketing spend choices. If you have an app with ads, the ability to allow targeting of your audience by geography will make your ad inventory much more valuable.

The level of granularity in the geographic information Flurry provides depends on the type of information Flurry receives. If your app passes Flurry latitude/longitude information, you’ll be able to view geographic information down to the city level in the Flurry portal. If your app does not pass Flurry any information about your users’ location, Flurry will use the IP address of your users’ devices to provide you with geographic data at the country level.

For information on how to send Flurry geographic information, refer to Advanced Features for Android or Advanced Features for iOS.

Within the Analytics portal, you can view your users’ geographic distribution for a number of metrics such as New Users, Active Users, Sessions and more. Note that if viewing the data at the continent level, simply double-click on the continent of interest to view the underlying country level data. Similarly, double-click on a country to view state/city level data (if you are providing us that detailed level of information).