Flurry Analytics Reporting provides you with a wide range of tools, resources and capabilities, so you can filter, segment and track specific in-app actions your users take, and more.

Developer Advantages

  • Use Flurry’s Real-Time metrics to view real-time data on how your app may be impacted by user updates, user acquisitions, or enhancements.
  • Collect data with the new Flurry Custom Dashboard on the usage of your app across multiple platforms for iOS and Android.
  • Take advantage of user retention reporting, one of the most important metrics available for Flurry developers, to understand if you are retaining your users over time and how to continue to keep them engaged. Determine if your app is “sticky” enough, so that users come back and re-engage.
  • Drill down with Flurry Explorer, using the tools of cohorts analysis, segmentation and funnel analysis to build and execute queries of your app data – and get answers within seconds.

New Usage Dashboard

On the Dashboard, you can view metrics in graphical tables and columns for New Users, Active Users, Sessions, Session Length and Average Time Per Device.


Data Analytics Tools & Resources

These are some of the tools and resources you can take advantage of when working with Flurry analytics reporting.

Data Analytics Usage
Analysis Types Defines the key terms you need to understand when working with Flurry analytics reporting.
Data Analysis & Usage Describes the Flurry analytics tools and capabilities for the reporting, analysis or tracking tasks you want to perform.
Explorer Discusses how to use Explorer to ask questions of your app data and get answers within seconds. Test and validate different hypotheses about in-app behavior on the fly.
Real-Time Metrics View metrics in real time for up to 5 apps.
Solutions & Use Cases In progress documentation on specific analytics and reporting use cases for Flurry developers.
Video Tutorials View videos describing Flurry Analytics features and capabilities.
FAQs dedicated specifically to Flurry Analytics Explore frequently asked questions on Flurry Analytics topics.