Event Parameter Distribution

On the Parameters Distribution Dashboard you can view the distribution of values for a selected parameter.

parameter distribution dashboard

Selecting data to view

At the top of the page, you will find a collection of controls that determine the parameter whose values are plotted.

event parameter selection

The items, in order, represent:

  • Application

  • Event

  • Event Parameter

  • Number of items to show

Linking from Event Summary

While setting each of these manually is one way to get to view data for a parameter, you can also link to this page from the Event Summary by clicking the Parameters icon for an Event in the table.

event summary link

Doing this will preset all items to the first parameter of the selected event.

The last control determines how many of the top values are displayed in the chart and in the table.

What is com.flurry.other?

Some Event Parameters contain values with very high cardinality. Typically things like decimals and GUIDs result in cardinalities that mean plotting event the Top 1000 provides not real value analytically. For these parameters, Flurry groups all values beyond a certain number into the same group, and gives that group the label com.flurry.other. This is done to ensure that it does not conflict with real values that a developer may record such as “Other”