On most dashboards in Flurry, when you have a single context block selected you can opt for the data to be broken out by a selected dimension. Example use cases for this feature include:

  • Reviewing Active Device data by Country for the top Countries

  • Breakout realtime data by App Version

breakouts overview

Breakout Options

The options for breakout dimensions match the Filter options available on the dashboard. For example, on Real Time, App Version, Config Variant, and Country are supported. On Application Activity, a much wider selection of dimesions exists:

  • App Version

  • Attribution Campaign

  • Attribution Travel

  • Config Variant

  • Country

  • Estimated Age

  • Estimated Gender

  • Language

  • Region

  • Reported Age

  • Reported Gender

  • User Property

To remove breakouts, simply select the None option at the top of the selection list.

breakouts selections

Use with Filters

Breakouts can be used in conjunction with Filters to focus the information displayed. For example, you can review the Estimate Age breakout for users that were estimated to be Male and from Germany. This would involve selecting Estimated Age as the breakout and applying a Filter for Estimated Gender = Male and Country = Germany.

breakouts filter