Data Analytics & Usage

To take advantage of Flurry Analytics reporting, you may wish to explore these tools and capabilities, depending on the type of reporting, analysis or tracking tasks you want to perform.

Reporting & Analysis Tools

Data Analytics


Retention Analysis

Retention is covered in two ares in Flurry Analytics. Firstly, Install to Session retention in both Return Rate and Rolling measurements is available on the Retention dashboard of the Metrics area. Additionally, Return Rate is available for Install to Session and Event to Event analysis in the Retention section of Explorer.

Crash Analysis

Use Flurry Crash Analytics to track in real time when a crash or error is reported, see the latest version of the app where the crash or error occurred, review summary metrics and study re-symbolicated stack traces to learn details about the crash that lead to resolution.

Event Reporting

Use event reporting to understand all of the specific in-app activities of your users - e.g. Song Played, Article Read, or Level Completed. Flurry provides information on how often an Event occurs, how many unique users trigger an Event, and more.

Funnel Analysis

Use Funnels to track users as they execute a defined set of steps, allowing you to see how many of the users that started a given process completed it. For those that did not complete the process, funnels show you at which step they exited. Use the new Flurry analytics Explorer tool to perform funnel analysis.

Measures Analysis

Measures allow you to analyze how different groups of your application users vary in their usage and behavior. Use the Flurry Analytics Explorer tool to perform Measures, Funnels and Retention analysis.

Sessions Reporting

A session is one use of the application by an end user. This typically begins when the application is launched and ends when the application is terminated. Depending on the platform, the Flurry SDK may allow you to specify when a session starts and stops, in which case the definition can vary depending on your implementation. Note that the definition of session does not depend on how many screens are viewed in the application or how long the application is used. If a user has a session with your application while they are offline, the data will be stored locally on the device and sent to Flurry the next time the user opens the app and is online, so you will not lose that data.

User Paths Reporting

Use user paths reporting to see how users navigate through your app based on the custom Events they are triggering. This data is automatically calculated for you and can provide valuable insights as to whether there are any bottlenecks or unexpected pathways occurring in your app.

Version Adoption Tracking

Track which versions of your apps are currently in use and how usage evolves over time as users upgrade.