Crash Analytics iOS Instrumentation

Crash Analytics 2.0 in Flurry gives you information about crashes, exceptions and errors you log in real time so that you can determine the root cause quickly and keep your app running well and the users of your app happy.

In iOS, only a single crash processor can be active. For this reason, the Flurry Analytics SDK does not enable crash by default and requires you to enable it explicitly. For Caught Exceptions and Logged Errors, your error handling methods can optionally be updated with the method calls below to log these issues into Flurry.

Objective C


FlurrySessionBuilder *sessionBuilder = [[FlurrySessionBuilder new] withCrashReporting:YES];
[Flurry startSession:@"<< YOUR API KEY HERE>>" withSessionBuilder:sessionBuilder];

Caught Exceptions

[Flurry logError:@"HandledException" message:@"" exception:exception];

Logged Errors

[Flurry logError:@"WebView No Load" message:[error localizedDescription] error:error];


Flurry.setCrashReportingEnabled = true;
Flurry startSession("<< YOUR API KEY HERE>>");

More info on Crash Analytics.