Crash Analytics for Android

Flurry Crash Analytics provides crash, exception and error logs in real time in order to quickly determine the root cause of the issue. This will keep your app running well and the users of the app happy.

Crash Analytics for Android requires no explicit call to send Crashes to Flurry Analytics. This means that data for Android apps are already flowing into Flurry Crash Analytics. As with iOS, for Caught Exceptions and Logged Errors, your error handling methods can optionally be updated with the method calls below to log these issues into Flurry.


No action is required on your part to send crash data to Flurry.

Uncaught Exceptions

new FlurryAgent.Builder()
        .build(this, FLURRY_API_KEY);

Caught Exceptions

FlurryAgent.onError(String errorId, String message, Throwable exception)

Logged Errors

FlurryAgent.onError(String errorId, String message, String errorClass)

More info on Crash Analytics.