Advanced Features for Flurry Analytics with iOS

Flurry offers a number of advanced features for iOS developers that enable you to gain even greater insight into your users.

For example, you can track

  • geographic location of your users

  • age and gender

  • user ID

  • errors

  • page views

Tracking and Reporting Data

To track and report this data, you use the following Objective-C methods.

Track geographic locations


Flurry Agent does not require CoreLocation framework.

If your app has location permissions from user, Flurry will track where your app is being used. Flurry uses cached value (to avoid excessive battery usage) when location reporting is enabled.

To disable detailed location reporting even when your app has permission,

[Flurry trackPreciseLocation:NO];

Track user ID and demographics


You must call these functions (setting User ID, age and gender) prior to starting the Flurry session

([Flurry startSession:@”YOUR_API_KEY”])

After identifying the user, use this to log the user’s assigned ID or username in your system.

Warning: Per our Terms of Service, you are not allowed to pass along unique device identifiers such as IDFA in this field.

After you identify the user, use this to log the user’s age. Valid inputs are 0 or greater.

After identifying the user, use this to log the user’s gender. Valid inputs are m (male) or f (female).

Track application errors

Use this to log exceptions and/or errors that occur in your app. Flurry will report the first 10 errors that occur in each session.