Revenue Analytics Android Integration


By utilizing the Flurry Revenue Analytics APIs, users can monitor the revenue generated from in-app product purchases and subscriptions.

There are two public APIs introduced for the purpose of revenue analytics:

  1. logPayment: This API is designed to be used exclusively with the Google Play Billing Library and should be called within the PurchasesUpdatedListener callback of BillingClient.

It accepts three essential parameters:

  • “responseCode,” which corresponds to the response code received from the PurchasesUpdatedListener callback’s BillingResult.getResponseCode.

  • “purchases,” a list of Purchase objects representing user transactions from Google Play Billing, obtained through the PurchasesUpdatedListener callback.

  • “parameters,” a Map<String, String> containing additional parameters that should accompany this event.

Sample integration

  1. logPayment - This versatile API is suitable for tracking and analyzing revenue-related event within your application, regardless of the purchase method used. Whether you receive confirmation of a successful purchase from the Play Billing Library, other payment gateways, or custom implementations, you can use this API to log the purchase event and include custom parameters for context or specific information.

Example integration

For Revenue Analytics Reporting learn more at Revenue Analytics.