User Journeys

In Analytics Session, User Journeys allow you the ability to review individual actions that a user takes within your app on their device. This feature provides a very interesting look at how a user moves through your app. Use cases that this support are:

  • investigate the actions of users that have shown specific behavior in the app

  • review the actions of specific types of users such as IAP Whales or Heavy Users

User List

When you first select an application, a list of 100 randomly selected devices in use by your users. The table includes information such as the time spent in the app and the number of sessions across the selected time period.

user journeys overview

User Session List

When you click on one of the users, the sessions during the selected period for that user’s device will be displayed in an expandable table. The table includes summary data such as the number of events recorded in each session and the length of the session.

user journeys user detail

Expanding Details

Clicking on a session will expose the Session Header, containing information about the session itself and the events header. Clicking on the events header will expand the list of events. Finally, clicking on an event will expand the list of event parameters recorded with the event.

user journeys user detail expanded

Segment Application

The default selection is a random selection from across all user’s devices in the app. However, you can select any User Segment and a random selection from that group. Given the power of Segments, this allows you to review users with specific behaviors such as your IAP Whales or Ad Whales or very active users. If you don’t have a User Segment that matches your needs yet, you can click the New Segment button to create one.

user journeys user segment selection