Flurry from Yahoo provides a number of resources for app developers who want to stay current with Flurry products and development, as well as learn more about Flurry SDKs, tools, code samples and documentation.

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To stay current with the latest information about Flurry from Yahoo products and development, check out these blog postings:

Begin With a Video Overview of Flurry Analytics

This introductory video provides an overview of the basic capabilities available in Flurry Analytics, Flurry’s powerful and free app analytics platform.

The topics covered demonstrate how you can measure your app usage, understand your app audience, including their age and gender, and perform powerful audience segmentation. After viewing this video, check out the Custom Event Reporting video to learn how implementing custom events can provide a wealth of additional insight into your app.

Learn How To Implement Custom Events

This video discusses how implementing custom events can unlock a wealth of valuable insight in Flurry Analytics.

We cover what custom events are, how you can use them, and how to integrate them into your app. After watching this video, check out our video Advanced Event Features: Segments, Funnels, and User Paths to learn about the advanced capabilities, such as user paths and conversion funnels that are unlocked after implementing custom events.

Understand Advanced Event Features - User Paths, Funnels, and Segments

This short video reviews some of the advanced event features available in Flurry Analytics. We cover user paths, user conversion funnels and advanced segmentation, all of which are enabled by implementing custom events in Flurry Analytics. See our other videos to learn more about how you gain valuable insight into your app usage and app audience using Flurry Analytics.

User Acquisition Analytics - Getting Started

This video provides an overview of Flurry User Acquisition Analytics, Flurry’s free campaign tracking solution. We cover how to set up a campaign for tracking with this tool. Learn how to add a custom quality metric to understand which campaigns are driving the highest quality users for your app.

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