FAQs for Flurry Analytics

The Flurry support team is there to help you in every way possible with your development and programming efforts, working with the Preview Release of Explorer. Toward that end, the FAQs are intended to address any issues and concerns you may have.

Do you sample data in Explorer?

Most customers will work with their full data set in Explorer, rather than a sample. Our largest customers, however, may work with sampled data depending on the scale of their data.

How can various members of my team work in Explorer?

Each member of your team can have an Explorer login and access the same dashboard. You may save queries in Explorer so that each member of your team can consult the same analyses.

How often will my data be refreshed?

At this time, data is refreshed once per day, typically during the evening hours. As weeks go by, the update rate will become more predictable and different approaches to data refresh will be tested.

Do I need a new SDK for Explorer?

No new SDK is required! The Flurry Analytics SDK will continue to capture all of your app data, and then a portion of that data is ingested into Explorer for use in this new tool.

Explorer Retention

The difference between Explorer and Metrics in the Retention Dashboard is due to a calculation approach difference. Explorer right now uses strict Calendar periods where Metrics uses a relative period approach. We are going to be adding the relative period approach into Explorer so that they can match.

The difference between Rolling Retention and the Return Rate Retention

Rolling retention is the number of users who have returned to your app in the month you are viewing or any month after, out to one year. Return rate is specifically how many returned in the month you are looking at.