Get Started with Flurry Explorer

Flurry Explorer is designed and implemented as a powerful, yet easy-to-use analytics tool for running general and custom queries based on the dataset of your app.

You can build and execute queries more flexibly and with greater ease, returning answers in graphical and numeric form to those queries almost immediately.

Launch Explorer

To get started, you’ll need to be a registered Flurry developer who has downloaded and integrated the Flurry SDK into your app.

There are no coding or programming prerequisites to work successfully with Explorer. No separate Explorer SDK for iOS or Android is required. The Flurry Analytics SDK will continue to capture all of your app data, and then a portion of that data is ingested into Explorer for use in this new tool.

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Log in to Flurry Analytics.

  2. Click the Explorer item in the left-nav to navigate to the Explorer section of the site.


  1. Select the app you want to Explore from the application dropdown menu.


Query Options

You will notice a few items in the left-navigation, organized into two groups.


These items allow you to review in various ways the behaviors your end-user exhibit within your app.

  • Funnels - Find the drop off points in key interactions within your app.

  • User Paths - Visualize the paths that users take through your app.

  • User Journeys - View in detail the actions of i ndividual users.

Data Analysis

These items focus on more custom data analysis, allowing you to answer deep questions about the usage of your app.

  • Measures - Create data measures specific to your app using general usage or custom events. Slice and dice the data using powerful dimensioning and filtering.

  • Retention - Understand how often your users repeat an action after the first time they perform that or another action.