Debug Console

The Flurry debug console can be used to determine whether you’ve properly integrated Flurry for new app launches and version releases. The debug console is a dashboard which allows you to view detailed event logs for saved test devices, filtered by app version or app events if you want to narrow the results.

To use the Debug Console, you’ll need to add a Test Device. First, go to “Test Devices” in the Admin tab on the left navigation, and select “Test Devices” to enter and save your device information. Make sure you’ve triggered some events in your app and closed your app.

Adding a test device will make your session data available in the debug console for all Developers and Administrators within your company. It may take 10-15 minutes for data from new Test Devices to appear in the Debug Console.

Using the Console

To use the console, go to Debug Console in the Sessions menu in Flurry Analytics. Then select an app. To see data, the app must have at least one saved Test Device in your company. Only sessions with events will appear in the logs. Event data is shown in near real-time.

The debug console may be filtered by App Version, Event, Test Device and date range.

  • App Version: Select the specific app version you want to view logs for, or view logs for all versions.

  • Events: Filter the logs by a specific event, or view all events.

  • Test Devices: The debug console will show data for all saved test devices by default. You may filter by a specific saved Test Devices. Test Devices must have created at least one session with events for the selected app.

  • Date range: Filter by any date range valid for your test device data. Note that data for test devices are available only after the test device was added to Flurry.