Integrate Jira with Flurry

Track and resolve crashes faster with the Flurry JIRA integration. A JIRA ticket is created every time a crash occurs.

This integration is currently only available for Jira Cloud and requires that Flurry Crash is enabled.

Don’t have Flurry Crash installed? No problem! Install Flurry Crash for Android and iOS in a couple of minutes.

Configure Jira for Flurry Integration

Create an API Token

To set up the Jira integration, generate an API token in Jira Cloud.

  1. Log in to Jira’s API token settings.

  2. Click Create API token.

  3. Enter a token label and click Create.

  4. Copy the token. The token is used to enable JIRA in Flurry.

Create a Bug Issue Type

The Jira integration creates Bug type issues. Create this issue type if it does not exist in the project.

  1. Open Project Settings in Jira.

  2. Click Issue types.

  3. Click Add issue type.

  4. Select Bug, or enter it manually.

Locate Your Jira Project Key

  1. Log in to Atlassian.

  2. Click on your Jira Software instance.

  3. Copy the project key that is going to be integrated with Flurry. Save it in a secure location as it will be needed later in this process.

Enable Jira in Flurry

  1. In Flurry, navigate to the Admin settings.

  2. Click on Apps.

  3. Click Edit on the app you want to enable Jira on.

  4. Scroll down to the Jira Integration section

  5. Fill out the following fields:

  • Jira email address

  • Jira API token (refer to the instructions above)

  • Jira Instance URL, enter the URL in the following format:


  • Jira Project Key (refer to the instructions above)

  1. Toggle the Enable switch on.

  2. Click Save.