Classic Flurry Retirement

On Monday, March 27, the Classic Flurry developer portal that has served customers since 2008 was retired and all Flurry functionality is now served by the New Flurry site. We are dedicated to ensuring that your transition to the New Flurry is a smooth one.

We’ve worked to ensure that all Classic functionality is available in the new Flurry analytics and are excited to share the new portal with you.

We are providing access to the recordings of the webinars on to ensure those who haven’t attended live webinear can view them at a later date.

Features - Classic to New

The following table provides a listing of common features found in Classic Flurry and their location in the New Flurry.

Feature Original Flurry New Flurry Status Feature New Flurry Description View in Flurry
All Time Metrics Covered      
Week/Month Controls Covered     Each chart widget has a cog control that allows you to select the Time Grain you wish to see.
Applications - Usage Covered Usage Dashboard Hourly, Weekly and Monthly Active Devices available on Active Devices Dashboard. Session Frequency and Top Versions.  
Applications - Retention Covered Retention Dashboard    
Applications - Audience Covered Retention Dashboard    
Applications - User Acquisition Analytics Covered Attribution top navigation    
Application - Events - Event Data Covered Events Summary Dashboard, Event Details Dashboard, Event Parameters Dashboard    
Application - Events - Funnels Covered Explorer Funnels All funnels from Original Flurry have been migrated to Explorer.  
Application - Events - Event Parameter Distributions Covered Metrics > Events > Parameter Distribution You can also link to this directly from Event Summary  
Application - Events - Event Logs Covered Metrics > Events > Event Log   Event-level filtering coming soon
Application - Events - User Paths Covered Explorer > User Paths    
Application - Errors Covered Crash Analytics 2.0    
Application - Technical Covered Technical Dashboard    
Application - Manage Covered Admin > Applications page    
Application List Covered Applications Dashboard    
Company Metrics Covered Aggregate Context Bricks Just select an App group such as All Apps and metrics will appear for all the apps in the group at an aggregate level.  
Segments Covered Explorer > User Segments    
User / Account Management Covered Admin > Manage Users