Third Party Attribution Integration

Flurry now supports the ingestion of the install attributions from AppsFlyer. This allows you to analyze your acquisition channels and campaigns within Flurry Analytics, including Retention, Funnels, new user metrics and audience analytics.

Attribution integration is set up using Flurry’s Device Data Ingestion (DDI) feature. To set up, you register a DDI link with your third party provider as outlined in this documentation.

Appsflyer Setup

For AppsFlyer, follow the steps below to register a Flurry DDI link within AppsFlyer.

  1. Open the Admin > Apps page within Flurry

  2. Click the Pencil icon for the app you wish to setup


  1. Click the Get DDI Link button


  1. After the link appears, click the Copy button


  1. Open the AppsFlyer portal, select the app to setup and navigate to the Api Access page


  1. Click the Add Postback button under the Push API section.

  2. Set the HTTP Method to POST

  3. Paste the DDI link from step 4 into the Postback URL section.

  4. Ensure that only the Installs, Non-Organic checkbox is selected in the Data Selection section.

  5. After steps 7,8, and 9 your Postback setup should look similar to this:


  1. Click the Save button.

You are Done! Data should start flowing into Flurry immediately.