Flurry Analytics

Flurry Analytics provides the tools and resources to gain a deep level of understanding of user behavior in your apps.

Our analytics tools incorporate your data, as collected by the Analytics SDK, and provide you with standard and customizable reports. In addition, you can set up advanced analysis of complex events, with metrics, segments and funnels to better track your users’ habits and performance.

Flurry Analytics features and capabilities:

  • Custom Dashboards conveniently present the product metrics you care about in one place. You can create personal dashboards to track more closely Real-time Analytics, App Activity, Event reports or any dashboard with the metrics that matter most to your business.

  • Real-Time Metrics provide real-time data on how your app may be impacted by user updates, user acquisitions or enhancements.

  • Crash Analytics 2.0 provides, in real time, information about crashes, exceptions and errors in your app. You can review issues affecting a given app to find the most user-impacting issue and then investigate the details of instances of a given issue.

  • Explorer enables building custom queries for Measures, Funnels, Retention analysis, User Journeys, and User Segments, each query returning results within seconds.

  • Flurry Push enables app developers to send targeted messages to re-engage and retain users across Android and iOS. Mobile developers can leverage the power of push notifications to effectively grow usage and revenue – all for free, all now available in Flurry.

  • Revenue Analytics allows tracking of your In App Purchase (IAP) Revenue from transactions that occur within your iOS app or Android app in order to determine if your app is producing revenue from in app purchases at expected levels.

  • The Analytics Reporting API allows the export of data, in CSV and JSON, allowing integration into web dashboards, data warehouses and any other system used for managing your business.

  • Focused Dashboards, in fullscreen mode, display that let you view all the metrics from a given metric area on a single page.

  • Comparison capability, select multiple items for display at the same time and quickly move between comparisons.

  • Filtering of data, apply filters, like Country, Age, Gender and Language on the fly and view the results instantly.

  • Groups, take items, like Apps or Events, and group them together to quickly move between the contexts that matter for you.

Developer Advantages

With these Flurry Analytics tools, you gain insight into your app user’s activities

  • Real-time data reporting of active sessions, events, and crashes, because up-to minute awareness is important in making critical, time-sensitive decisions

  • Ad-hoc query for flexibility in answering questions most pertinent to your business

  • Customizable UI for frictionless workflow that adapts to how you work.

Getting Started

To unleash the power of Flurry Analytics, integrate a lightweight Flurry analytics SDK into your app with just 3 lines of code.

Below you’ll find integration guides for both iOS and Android.

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Track Standard Events for Android or Standard Events for iOS

Track standardized actions that users take within your app.

Track Custom Events for Android or Custom Events for iOS

For application specific events, track custom events.

Track Revenue Events for Android or Revenue Events for iOS

Track your In App Purchase (IAP) Revenue from transactions that occur within your iOS app or Android app.

Enable Crash Analytics for Android or Crash Analytics for iOS

Instrument your apps to gain, in real time, information about crashes, exceptions and errors, so that you can determine the root cause quickly and keep your app running well and the users of your app happy.

Explore Advanced Features for Android or iOS Advanced Features

Track geography, age/gender, User ID and more.

Check out API Reference documentation

Get information on all Flurry Java or Objective-C (iOS and tvOS) classes and methods.

Reporting & Feature Overviews




Describes the tools and resources you can take advantage of for analysis, reporting and tracking in real time of your users.

Analysis Types

Defines the key terms you need to understand when working with Flurry analytics reporting.

Data Analysis & Usage

Describes the Flurry analytics tools and capabilities for the reporting, analysis or tracking tasks you want to perform.


Discusses how to use Explorer to ask questions of your app data and get answers within seconds. Test and validate different hypotheses about in-app behavior on the fly.

Real-Time Metrics

View metrics in real time for up to 5 apps.

Video Tutorials

View videos describing Flurry Analytics features and capabilities.

Review Analytics FAQs



Check out FAQs dedicated specifically to Flurry Analytics

Explore frequently asked questions on Flurry Analytics topics.

Need Help?

Check out our robust collection of FAQs and a detailed Lexicon of key terminology. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact support@flurry.com for additional support.