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Getting started with Flurry SDKs is easy and fast. Below are the tools, sample code and resources you need to quickly integrate Flurry services for your mobile apps.

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Flurry Analytics Yahoo App Publishing Reporting APIs
Get free insights from the industry’s leading mobile app analytics tool. Monetize your app with native and video ads from Yahoo, Flurry, and BrightRoll advertisers. Get direct access to your data to build custom reports and views.


Integrate Video Ads. Use Yahoo App Publishing and the Flurry SDK to serve video ads in your app.

Serve Native Ads. Use Yahoo App Publishing and the Flurry SDK to serve native ads in your app.

Design an ad experience that is native to your app environment with Native Advertising Guidelines while you build engaging ad experiences that protect the integrity of your brand assets.

What’s New

  • New section on Integrating the Flurry SDK with Your App introduced, describing the easy steps to follow for integrating your iOS, Android, WatchOS or tvOS app with the Flurry SDK.
  • Follow the steps described for integrating with your OS – iOS, Android, Apple Watch or tvOS – and in no time at all, you’ll be ready to start logging events and publishing your ads.

At the Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference the following new developer tools, SDKs and product enhancements for Flurry Analytics and Yahoo App Publishers were introduced:

  • New set of Flurry analytics tools, including a new modern UI for optimal developer workflow, Real-Time Metrics, Dashboards for fullscreen viewing of metrics, Comparison capability with context controls, Filtering of data, Groups and Flurry Analytics Explorer, with a redesigned UI for Segmentation reports, Funnels and Cohorts analysis.
  • New Flurry tvOS SDK, providing analytics support for tvOS apps, both native and client-server.
  • New tools for Publishers who monetize with ads from Yahoo App Publishing. A new reporting capability includes enhanced filtering, comparison and charting tools. Inventory management can now be performed more easily and quickly.

Previous releases, including new features, changes & enhancements, are described in detail in Release Notes for Flurry.

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