Player resource


With the Player API, you can obtain the player (athlete) related information, such as their name, professional team, and eligible positions. The player is identified in the context of a particular game, and can be requested as the base of your URI by using the global player_key.

HTTP Operations Supported

  • GET


Any sub-resource under a player is extracted using a URI like:{player_key}/{sub_resource}

Multiple sub-resources can be extracted from player in the same URI using a format like:{player_key};out={sub_resource_1},{sub_resource_2}

Player key format


Example: pnfl.p.5479 or 223.p.5479


Default sub-resource: metadata

Name Description URI Sample


Includes player key, id, name, editorial information, image, eligible positions, etc.


Drew Brees's info in the 2009 season:

stats Player stats and points (if in a league context).

Season stats: /fantasy/v2/player/{player_key}/stats

Week stats: /fantasy/v2/player/{player_key}/stats;type=week;week={week}

Here {week} is a non-zero integer.

Drew Brees's info and stats in the 2009 season:

ownership The player ownership status within a league (whether they're owned by a team, on waivers, or free agents). Only relevant within a league.


percent_owned Data about ownership percentage of the player


The percentage of leagues in which Drew Brees was owned in the 2009 game:

draft_analysis Average pick, Average round and Percent Drafted.


Yahoo! fantasy draft information for Drew Brees in 2009:

Sample XML;player_keys=223.p.5479 - Player in a NFL league context;player_keys=223.p.5479/stats - Player season stats in a NFL league context

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