Use the DSP insights tools to create reports that span your entire seat or drill down to a single campaign, line, or ad. The following video provides information on the more commonly-used reports and line insights.

Topics to Navigate

For information on the DSP reports you can create, check out the following help pages.

Topic Description
Scheduled Reports Shows how to create and schedule reports.
Campaign Explorer Explains how to view your impressions, spend, and other metrics at a glance.
Report Builder Describes how to access the full depth of your campaigns using DSP’s most flexible and robust reporting tool.
Domain Stats Explains how to find domains within an exchange that meet a certain criteria that you define.
Pixel Fires Shows how to find the umber of pixel fires per day for a single advertiser or across advertisers.
Campaign Report Shows a high-level overview of a campaign’s delivery, clicks, and conversions, and other important insights.
Viewer Frequency Report Validate that frequency capping is being applied properly for the campaign, and view information on the number of impressions the average user sees.
Cross Device Report Get insights about conversions across devices.
Line Insights Get a big picture view of how the line is performing overall against ad spend, and how audiences, exchanges, and individual sites are performing.
Conversion Lag Get a quick visualization of how much time it typically takes audiences to convert.