Domain Stats

The Domain Stats report lets you view delivery and performance metrics in your advertising data for a specific exchange.

Run a Domain Stats Report

Follow the instructions in this section to run a Domain Stats report:

  1. From the DSP Insights tab, select the Domain Stats subtab.

  2. From the Date Range drop-down list, select a date range or enter a custom range.

  3. Select an exchange from the Exchange drop-down list.

  4. From the Advertiser Group dropdown list, select an advertiser group, or select All to include data from all the advertisers in your seat in this report. For more information on advertiser groups, check out Advertiser Groups.

  5. Set up the metrics for the report as follows:

    • Click the plus (+) sign next Metrics.
    • Select a metric from the Metric drop-down list.
    • Selct a rule from the Rule drop-down list.
    • Type a value in the Value field.
  6. Click Run Report.

  7. If the report is more than 10,000 rows, you see some options. Do one of the following:

    • Click Reduce Report Parameters, and change the date range or remove some dimensions and filters.
    • Click Limit to top 10000 Results.
    • Enter your email address, click Email Report, and view the report in your email.

    You see your report output.


Domain Stats Metric Definitions

The following table contains definitions for the metrics available for Domain Stats.

Name Description
Impressions The number of impressions delivered.
Clicks The number of clicks on ads during the date range selected.
CTR Average number of clicks generated by the views of your online ad (impressions).
CPC Cost per click. A payment model in which advertisers pay each time a user clicks on their advertisement.
Conversions Conversions occur when a user signs up, makes a purchase, or performs some other desired action in response to an ad.
Conversion Rate Rate at which conversions occurred relative to the number of impressions served.
CPA Cost per Action (also known as Revenue CPA, Cost CPA). Average cost per conversion recorded.
Advertiser Spending Amount of the Budget Delivered, as counted by the ad server (also known as Revenue, Advertiser Revenue, Advertiser Cost, Campaign Spend). Also known as Delivered Budget, Spend, or Revenue, though it should not be used to represent officially recognized revenue.
Advertiser eCPM Effective cost per thousand impressions (also known as Cost CPM, Revenue CPM).
Inventory Cost Amount paid to Publishers (also known as Publisher Cost, Publisher Earnings). This is the cost to the network.
Publisher Cost % The percentage of Advertiser Spending that is paid to Publishers.
Inventory eCPM Effective cost per thousand impressions that is paid to Publishers (also known as Inventory CPM, Publisher eCPM).
Network Profit The amount of profit allocated to the network, accounting only for inventory costs. This measure ignores data costs, data verification services costs, and other fees.
Network Profit % The percentage of Advertiser Spending that is profit. Also known as margin. This measure ignores data costs, data verification services costs, and other fees.
Network eCPM Network effective cost per thousand impressions.