Cross Device Report

The Cross Device Report provides data on conversions across device types. It is important to know about cross device conversions because it helps you understand the device types on which your users are both viewing your ads, and converting. By running a cross device report, you can find out if users exposed to your campaigns are converting across devices, or if conversions are siloed into a particular type of device (desktops, phones, tablets, or connected TV devices).

At the bottom of the report, you see the effective cost per acquisition (eCPA) to track the average amount you spend on conversions based on impressions that occurred on each device type. This information is useful for determining if the distribution of conversions across different devices aligns with your current ad spend.

Depending on your campaign strategy, you may want to adjust your ad spend to target the best performing devices, or the devices with the highest reach. See also: Targeting.



Though the cross device report captures both click-through conversions and view-through conversions, the majority of cross device conversions are view-through conversions. For example, a user views an impression on one device and converts on a different device.

How Cross Device Data is Calculated

The Cross device report data is calculated as follows:

  • Same device conversions are conversions where the impression and conversion occur on the same type of device. For example, a conversion counts as a same-device conversion if the impression occurs on a tablet, and the conversion also appears on a tablet. Same device conversions do not require users to be logged in because Yahoo Ad Manager Plus uses browser cookies to make the attributions.
  • Cross device conversions are conversions where the impression and conversion occur on different devices. For example, a conversion counts as a cross device conversion if the impression occurs on a tablet but the conversion occurs on a desktop. Cross device conversions require users to be logged in.
  • Unknown device types. Each campaign will run on a small portion of unknown device types, such as new phones, tablets, and gadgets for which Yahoo Ad Manager Plus does not yet track. Unknown devices are not included in the Yahoo Ad Manager Plus cross device reports.

Run the Cross Device Report

Follow the steps in this section to run a cross device report from the Insights tab.

To run a cross device report:

  1. From the DSP Insights tab, select the Cross Device Report subtab.



    You can also run the report from the dashboard. Check out run-reports-from-the-dashboard.

  2. From the Date Range drop-down list, select a date range or enter a custom range.

  3. Start typing the name of the campaign for which you want to run the report. When you see your campaign, select it from the list.

  4. Click Run Report.

    You see a graph of your cross-device conversions.


    You can hover over a device type to see stats.


Interpret the Cross Device Report

When you run a cross device report, you see a diagram that includes your spend distribution and conversions across desktops, phones, tablets, and connected TV devices. If your spend distribution is lower on a device type with a higher conversion share, you may want to increase spend on that device. For example, in this diagram, the ad spend for phones is 28.4%, but 69.72% of conversions occurred on phones during the reporting period. It may make sense to align the ad spend more closely with the conversion share on phones if the campaign is focused on driving conversions.