Trust and Verification Policies

To ensure that creatives adhere to |co| trust and safety policies, all creatives are scanned for malware and offensive content. The following table contains some of the Trust and Verification issues that the creative tester checks for.

Tag Name Description Eligible to serve?
Ad Copy Language and Style |co| requires that ads are free of grammatical errors, misspelled words, and spammy or meaningless phrases. No
Adult Image The image contains adult content. No
Automatic Page Redirect The creative redirects a user to a malicious or unwanted page without the user’s permission. No
Banned Advertiser Creative The domain was identified as a rendered creative or blacklisted landing page URL. No
Banned Tracker The creative contains a tracking URL from a banned vendor. No
Click URL Contains Virus The click URL contains a virus. No
Click URL Initiates Program Installation The click URL initiates the installation of a program. No
Cloaking The content or landing page URL hides the true destination to which users are directed. No
Contains Malware The creative contains malware. No
Contains Virus The creative contains a virus. No
Controversial The news or events on the landing page appear to leverage the sensitive nature of the content for commercial gain. Such sensitive content may include real tragedies, disasters, or deaths. This tag may also be applied to ads, landing pages or ad images using ‘Trump,’ ‘Obama,’ or ‘Clinton’ (or their families) in a similarly controversial manner. No
Copyright Protection |co| does not allow ads that bypass copyright protections. No
Credit Repair |co| does not allow ads that promote products or services that claim to repair accurate credit reports or bad credit. No
Cryptocurrency |co| does not allow ads that promote cryptocurrency products. No
Deceptive Products or Services The creative promotes products or services (such as drug tests, fake IDs or fake diplomas) that could encourage a user to commit a crime. No
Disclaimer |co| requires accurate, easy to read disclaimers so users can make informed decisions about the offered product or service. No
Drugs |co| does not accept ads that feature illegal or recreational drugs, or ads that appear to facilitate the distribution, use or cultivation of illegal substances, or substances of questionable legality. No
Family Issues |co| does not accept ads for gender selection, abortion, surrogacy, or adoption. No
Flash This ad is Flash-based and could experience limited delivery to some sites and browsers. Yes
Fireworks or Explosives |co| prohibits ads that promote explosives, fireworks, or sparklers. No
Get Rich Quick Schemes |co| prohibits ads that promote work from home schemes or other similarly unrealistic job or income offers. No
HTTP Creative The domain rendered during the creative download is insecure. The clickthrough and landing page URLs were not checked. The creative may not serve on secure inventory. Yes
HTTPS Creative The domain rendered during the creative download is secure. The clickthrough and landing page URLs were not checked. Yes
Illegal Activity The creative URL shows content pertaining to an illegal activity. No
Image Quality |co| requires ads to contain high-quality images and videos, as defined by |co| . No
Image Relevance Images and videos must be relevant to the other ad components, as defined by |co| . No
Invalid Video Media File The media file in the vast tag is invalid. Yes
iOS 9 Non-Compliant Clickthrough URL The landing page URL or a URL detected on the landing page is insecure or does not comply with TLS ciphers. For technical details, contact the DPO team. Yes
iOS 9 Non-Compliant Creative Asset The domain detected when the creative was rendered is either insecure or does not comply with TLS ciphers. The creative may not serve on iOS 9+ in-app inventory. No
Low Quality The ad format should have proper messaging, borders, and branding. It should not contain annoying elements, such as flashing neon or fluorescent colors or an irrelevant or poor-quality landing page, such as a video-only page. No
Malicious Indirect Evidence No overt activity from the flagged content but secondary characteristics, evidence, or patterns of malicious content. No
Malicious Landing Location The creative is flagged because it leads to known malicious content when a user clicks it. No
Malware The affected host or domain directly delivered or was an active party in the delivery of a malicious payload. No
Misleading or Irrelevant The ad is misleading (as defined by |co| ), leads to a landing page that is irrelevant to the product or service, or is otherwise out of compliance. No
Navigational Interference The landing page must be free of pop-ups. The browser Back button and close box must work from the landing page without any interference. No
No Audio The video creative has no audio content. Yes
No Valid Media Files The Vast XML code has missing or invalid files. No
Nudity or Sexually Explicit Content The ad contains nudity or sexually explicit content. No
|co| Competitors |co| may restrict or decline ads that promote competing products, as defined by |co| . No
Offensive Content |co| does not accept ads or links to pages that contain defamatory and offensive content. No
Offensive, Threatening Images Ads containing images or videos that are offensive or threatening to the general public. No
Out of Browser Redirect Known to trigger an auto-redirect that takes a user out of an app or browser. No
Pay-To-Bid |co| does not accept ads for services that require non-refundable fees to bid on auction items. No
Phish Phishing site. No
Pop-Up Content known to trigger malicious mobile or desktop pop-ups, including content that hijacks a user’s browser, fake virus warnings, or phishing content. No
Price Claim All price claims made in an ad must be clearly and accurately substantiated on the landing page. No
Pyramid schemes or chain letters |co| does not accept ads for pyramid schemes, chain letters, or similar products. No
Questionable Legality The ad promotes illegal products or services, or the regulatory status of the item is unclear or includes embargoed products. No
Religious |co| does not accept ads that feature religious themes. No
Rx Sales |co| does not allow ads for prescription drugs that state or imply they may be obtained without a prescription; this includes drugs sold on the basis of online questionnaire results or an online consultation, and prescription drugs advertised for ‘off-label use.’ No
Scam or Fraud The ad contains characteristics of click or impression fraud. No
Sexual Assault The ad contains images or text pertaining to sexual assault. No
Sexually Suggestive Ad Text Sexually suggestive ad text, as defined by |co| , is not compliant. No
Sexually Suggestive Image Sexually suggestive images, as defined by |co| , are not allowed. No
Sexually Suggestive Landing Page Sexually suggestive landing pages, as defined by |co| , are not compliant. No
Single Security Investments |co| does not accept ads that promote particular securities. No
Site Error

|co| requires that all landing pages function correctly. The ad is ineligible to appear on |co| properties for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Site is unreachable
  • Site times out
  • Landing page missing or broken
  • Invalid URL format
  • Landing page opens in the same window as the creative
Solicitation of Funds |co| restricts ads that solicit funds. No
Spam The ad contains spam. No
Suffering & Violence |co| does not accept ads that feature or link to content related to suffering and violence. No
Suspected or Unknown Malware The host or domain is suspicious and may directly participate in the delivery of a malicious payload. No
Testosterone Products |co| does not accept ads that promote products that contain testosterone or testosterone-boosting ingredients. No
Tobacco This ad displays content related to cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, and other tobacco products and will not serve to publishers who do not accept content related to tobacco products. No
Unacceptable Adult Content |co| restricts ads in this category. No
Unacceptable Alcohol Ads that feature alcohol must be marketed in compliance with |co| policies including appropriate age and regional targeting. No
Unacceptable Lottery Ads that feature lotteries must be marketed in compliance with |co| policies including appropriate age and regional targeting. No
Unapproved Dating sites |co| restricts dating sites to a limited number of compliant advertisers. The ad is ineligible to run on |co| properties. No
Unmoderated UGC |co| doesn’t accept ads that provide access to Usenet sites. No
VAST Fetch Error The Creative Tester encountered an error while fetching the VAST XML code for the creative. No
Weapons or Explosives This ad displays content related to weapons including guns, knives, explosives or fireworks and will not serve to publishers who do not accept content related to weapons or explosives. No
Weight Loss Pills & Supplements |co| does not accept ads that promote weight loss pills, supplements, powders, gummies or other similar products. No
Yahoo Unapproved Beacon The creative uses an unapproved vendor, and might encounter delivery problems on |co| owned and operated properties. Delivery depends on the publisher setting, and |co| ‘s ad policies). For the list of unapproved vendors, check the WebBug tag is set to YahooCertified = False. Yes