These help center pages include glossary terms, metrics, dimensions, and other reference information of interest to some users.

Topics to Navigate

Topic Description
Glossary Contains term definitions and information on how metrics are calculated.
Supported Creative Formats A list of the creative formats that DSP supports.
Creative Alerts for Third-Party Videos Real-time creative validation alerts, and creative status definitions.
Creative Vendor Certification How to certify a new vendor or creative format.
Geographic Targeting Locations Lists of countries and zip codes that DSP supports.
Mobile Carrier Targeting An alphabetical list of international carriers you can target.
Report Builder Dimensions The complete list of Report Builder metric definitions.
Report Builder Metrics The complete list of Report Builder dimension definitions.
Report Intervals An explanation of how data is grouped for a given date or time range.
Interest Categories Details on the segments constructed by interpreting various user activities across devices.
Regional Policies Ad serving policy definitions and regional policy information.
Trust and Verification Policies An alphabetical list of reasons that an ad might be banned, and the corresponding creative tag IDs.
Brand Safety Blocking Tags How to use the ${IS_PREVIEW} macro to prevent the DSP creative preview and creative audit services from failing when you use Integral Ad Science and Doubleverify brand safety blocking tags.
Bulk Upload Data Contains specifications for bulk uploads of campaign and line data using Excel.