Report Builder Dimensions

The following table includes the Report Builder dimension definitions.

Name Description
Ad A marketing message that’s an assembly of creatives and things like click-through URLs, tracking URLs, alternate text, and more. Once assembled, the ad is ready for placement on publisher sites.
Ad Position The order in which an ad appears.
Ad Size The specification of the width and height of the ad, in pixels.
Ads.txt Declaration

Filters for inventory from publishers that meet the Authorized Digital Sellers IAB Standard.

Report output incudes the following:

  • Unauthorized
  • Unknown
  • Direct (authorized)
  • Reseller (authorized)
  • Not Applicable (primarily applies to in app inventory)
Advertiser The name of an advertiser.
Advertiser Category Yahoo advertiser categorization.
Advertiser Group A grouping of similar advertisers, e.g. by region, industry, or anything else you choose.
Advertiser Sub Category Yahoo advertiser categorization.
Age Demographic dimension: 13-17, 18-20, 21-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65+.
Auction The auction type–First Price, Second Price, or Other (if indeterminate or unavailable).
Browser Type Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE, or Unknown.
Campaign A collection of Line Items that share a common business goal for an Advertiser.
Channel Type A filter for Connected TV (CTV) and Digital out of Home (DOOH) lines, campaigns, and impressions.
City Geographic attribute for the city of a website visitor.
Connected TV Device A filter to distinguish between the CTV device types “Smart TV” or “Streaming Device.”
Connected TV Make The brand name of the connected TV device, such as Amazon, Sony, or Google.
Connected TV Model The model name of the connected TV device, such as Fire TV, Playstation, or Chromecast
Connection Type The active connection type for the device when the ad was displayed (e.g., Wifi, Cellular).
Country Geographic attribute for the country of a website visitor.
Creative The name of the creative.
Creative Custom ID The user-defined custom ID for a creative.
Days to Conversion Filters in terms of time buckets (in number of days) that elapsed between impressions and a conversions.
Demo Vendor The demographic data provider used for measurement.
Desktop OS Mac OS, Windows, Linux, or Unknown
Device Type The type of device used by a visitor to count campaign impressions: PC, Mobile (Smart Phones, Tablets, Feature Phones), Gaming Console, Connected TV, Unknown.
DMA The Nielsen designated marketing region.
Domain The internet address domain for a website.
Dot Rule The name of a pixel rule.
Exchange A supply source that maintains a website or other inventory type with ad space for sale to advertisers.
Exchange Deal ID The unique ID for the deal on the exchange.
Gender Demographic dimension: Male/Female
Identity Graph For lines with the probabalistic model toggled on, filters for cross-screen identifiers determinalistically at a person level and probabalistically at a household level.
Inventory Auction Type The auction type under which the ad was served (either first-price or second-price).
Inventory Type

Every impression is served on a web page or within an app. If an impression is served in an app, it is called an in-app impression. Accordingly, the Inventory Type dimension has two values: Web and In-App. In Report Builder, you may want to do one or more of the following:

  • Group by or filter for Web or In-App inventory
  • Include or exclude Web or In-App inventory
  • Exclude Unknown inventory, so that you only see Web or In-App inventory
ISP Internet service provider.
Line Building blocks for a single campaign. Line items can be broken out by different targeting strategies, markets, price types or rates, and other unique characteristics.
Line Goal Type Goal type of a line item.
Line Type Type of line item.
Mobile Carrier The carrier for the device on which the ad was served (e.g., Verizon, AT&T).
Mobile Make The make of the device on which the ad was served (e.g., Apple, Samsung)
Mobile Model The model of the device on which the ad was served (e.g., iPhone X, Galaxy S10 Plus).
Mobile OS iOS, Android, RIM OS, Windows Phone OS, or Unknown.
Mobile OS Version 8, 10, 12.1
Native Type The type of native inventory (Verizon Media native or third-party supply)
Package The name of the package.
Package Budget Schedule The name of the budget schedule associated with a package with multiple schedules.
Pixel ID A transparent GIF image, 1 pixel by 1 pixel in size, placed on a page of the advertiser’s website to track user actions like visiting a page or converting on an offer.
Pixel Parameter The value passed via a conversion pixel at the time of conversion.
Postal Code Postal code for where the content was delivered.
State Geographic attribute for the state of a visitor.
Subdomain A more granular site, such as a regional property or sub-site that is distinguished from a parent site. For example, the parent site has,, and
Supply Group A group of exchanges.
Targeted Audience Group A The first (of up to two audiences) that is currently being targeted in the campaign.
Targeted Audience Group b The second (of up to two audiences) that is currently being targeted in the campaign.
Video Ad Placement The type of video ad placement (InStream or Outstream).
Video Content Length The length of a video (such as Up to 2 mins, 2-5 mins, etc.).
Weather Condition For weather targeting, the weather condition, such as Sunny, Stormy, Cloudy, or Windy.