Creative Vendor Certification

The Verizon Media team in charge of vendor certification makes sure that vendors consistently run third-party creatives that meet Verizon Media’s creative specifications. Verizon Media creative specifications include such requirements as format dimensions and file sizes. For current creative specifications, see the Verizon Media Adspecs page.

Certify a New Vendor or Creative Format

To certify a new third-party vendor or creative format, send an email to and put the vendor name and the word “certification” in the subject line.

In the email body, include the following information:

  • Vendor Name
  • Vendor Contact Name
  • Vendor Contact Email (Required)
  • Platform Type (for example: Desktop, Mobile Web, Mobile App)
  • Ad Format Type (for example: InBanner, Expandable, Tracking, etc.)
  • Ad Server? (for example: DSP)
  • Test Tag (attach if available)

Verizon Media will create a new ticket and a case manager will contact you. The lead time for vendor certifications is approximately two weeks if there are no communication or technical issues with the vendor.

In order for a creative to serve, the creative must meet the following requirements:

  • Pass the DSP Creative Tester audit. Check out About the Creative Tester for information about the DSP creative audit process.
  • Adhere to the Verizon Media Advertising Policies. Check out the Verizon Media Advertising Policies for details.
  • Meet the requirements and specifications of the available DSP exchanges. Each exchange has its own approved vendors. For more information about individual exchange’s policies, visit the website for that exchange. For a list of policy pages for the supported exchanges, check out Ad Exchange Policies.

Approved Creative Vendors

Verizon Media maintains a list of third-party creative vendors approved to serve across Verizon Media publisher sites such as Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, AOL, The Huffington Post and others. These vendors are thoroughly tested by Verizon Media’s certification team to ensure they meet the technical and legal requirements to serve across Verizon Media publisher sites.

The following links provide lists of approved vendors:

About Unapproved Vendors

Advertisers can run creatives from approved or unapproved vendors across Verizon Media exchange inventory. To run across Verizon Media exchange inventory, a creative needs to pass the DSP Creative Tester audit. Check out About the Creative Tester for details. A creative also needs to adhere to the Verizon Media Advertising Policies and meet the Ad Exchange Policies for the available DSP exchanges.

How Macros are Adjusted for New Vendor Domains

DSP has an internal service that automatically adjusts macros for recognized vendor domains. When a new vendor is certified, Verizon Media updates the macro replacement service with the new vendor domain.

If you upload a creative from an unapproved vendor, you see the following notification:

“Unrecognized 3rd party vendor. Please adjust macros manually.”

If you see the unrecognized third-party vendor notification, you can save the creative but you will need to manually update the creative to include DSP-specific macros.

About Unapproved Beacons or Vendors

An unapproved vendor is one that is not certified to run on the Verizon Media network.

If you upload a creative from an unapproved vendor into the DSP, the DSP creative audit displays the following notification:

“Unapproved Vendor Domain”

The Unapproved Beacon notification means that the vendor’s domain is not on the Verizon Media approved vendor list. The creative cannot serve on Verizon Media publisher sites until the vendor is certified. The creative may still serve on other exchanges if it has passed the creative audit and adheres to the various exchange policies.

See also Validate Creatives.