The DSP features algorithm-driven technologies that leverage Verizon Media data to enable advertisers to optimize their bidding, budgeting, and forecasting.

  • Programmatic bid optimization
  • Line delivery optimization
  • Line performance optimization

These optimization technologies enable advertisers to maximize their return on investment (ROI) by enabling them to configure intelligent controls, leverage actionable data, and visualize the effects of their actions.

Topics to Navigate

Topic Description
Bid Optimization The DSP bidding algorithm leverages machine learning to enable advertisers to meet their campaign goals.
Line Delivery Optimization DSP budgeting and pacing controls enable advertisers to effectively manage and control the cost of their campaigns.
oCPM Bid Optimization In the oCPM billing model, event probabilities and the predicted ad performance are factored into the formulation of bids.
Planner The Planner is a dynamic charting tool that enables advertisers to generate and view line delivery and line reach estimates across multiple campaigns.
Forecasting Target forecasting enables you to estimate the reach of a bid strategy, the estimated number of impressions, viewable impressions, and unique users that an advertiser can expect given the current targeting attribute configurations and maximum bid settings.