vCPM-Billing Goals

Internal users with access to the GAN seat can set up vCPM billing for their managed clients.

With vCPM billing, you only pay for viewable video impressions. Highly-viewable inventory is limited and more expensive. Set up viewability-based billing so you don’t serve (and pay for serving) ads to less viewable inventory.


If you choose the vCPM billing method, you can only choose a vCPM goal (or no goal).

A vCPM goal is defined a maximum bid price (maximum cost per one thousand viewable impressions) and a target VCPM price. You can set up even pacing, or ahead pacing. See Pacing for more details.


The DSP supports vCPM goals for video lines on the GAN seat.

To configure a CPCV goal:

  1. Choose the vCPM option in the Billing Method drop-down list.
  2. Choose the VCPM option in the Goal Type drop-down list.
  3. Specify the maximum price you are willing to pay per one thousand viewable impressions in the Bid Price field.
  4. Specify the target VCPM amount in the Target VCPM field.