Targeting Overview

Use the DSP line-level targeting to identify and target audiences based on a variety of demographic data.

The following video provides an overview of the targeting UI.

Targeting UI

The targeting UI provides easy navigation and visual cues to help you understand your targeting settings.

The Targeting page has three panels:

  • Left Panel: lists all the targeting criteria for quick navigation and visual cues about the line’s targeting selections.
  • Center Panel: contains controls that enable you to specify line-level targeting parameters.
  • Right Panel: has forecasting details.

Manage Targeting

You can quickly and easily view and manage your targeting settings on the Targeting page.


The following table lists UI tasks you can perform to efficiently manage your targeting settings.

Task Description
View current targeting

Use the state indicators to view current and previous settings.

  • Empty Circle. No targeting is set.
  • Gray Circle. Previously set (saved) targeting.
  • Green Circle. Targeting is set but not saved.
View more or less of the center panel Use the chevron in the upper-left corner to collapse or expand the left panel.
Navigate to specific targeting controls Use the center panel scroll bar to independently scroll through the center panel or click a link to jump to a specific targeting control.
Create targting templates

Use the Template Actions drop-down list to save your current settings for future use.

For details on targeting templates, check out Targeting Templates.

Collapse or expand the forecaster Click View Details on the right panel to jump to the forecaster. To return to the Targeting page, click the close box on the expanded forecaster.
Undo or clear your changes Click Undo to undo your current (unsaved) setting for a control. Click Clear to undo all (both saved and unsaved) settings for a control.

Work with Targeting Controls

The following help pages provide further information for specific areas of targeting controls.