This page links to the information you need to get started working at the line level. A line represents a unique set of ads and a targeting strategy, and is defined by a its own flight dates, budget, billing model, and bid optimization strategy.

Topics to Navigate

Topic Description
Lines Overview Create and manage lines.
Line Budget & Pricing Understand line budgets and pricing.
Goals Overview Understand line goals, and how goals interact with billing and bidding methods.
Ads Upload, validate and rotate ads; link ads to lines; certify third-party vendors and ad formats.
Targeting Overview Identify and target audiences based on a variety of demographic data.
Bid Multipliers Customize your bid based on specific targeting, scheduling, and pricing parameters.
Bulk Edit Lines Edit line details, targeting, ads, and conversions in bulk.
Line Insights View line performance and line delivery metrics based on impressions, clicks, and conversions data in real time.